Passenger Yacht Code

Fairport Yacht Support is certified in the Passenger Yacht Code (PYC).

The Passenger Yacht Code was developed from the desire for large vessels to carry more than the Large Yacht Code (LYC) mandatory limit of 12 passengers. PYC allows up to 36 passengers and, in doing so, is more closely interrelated to the requirements of SOLAS passenger ships than to yachting.

From our certified International Safety Manual, Fairport Yacht Support’s knowledgeable team came together, with great undertaking, to create this new PYC manual. Relying heavily on the team’s diverse maritime background; varying from cruise ship Captain, commercial shipping, Royal navy, British merchant navy, and Chief Engineer, we have created a robust, safety driven manual. We work closely with Cayman Islands and Class to provide input on code to which the vessels would need to adhere.

The Passenger Yacht Code is the future of yachting. As vessels continue to get larger, they want the freedom to carry additional passengers. This code does just that. Fairport Yacht Support has the experience, the knowledge, and a true understanding of the gravity of the PYC.