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Launched with Pride

Fairport was founded by Graeme Lord, who wanted to provide a fresh concept in yacht shore support, specializing in offering experienced, knowledgeable, and personable service to yacht owners, captains, and industry professionals.

Our team has the knowledge that comes from hands-on experience. Fairport is built on the philosophy that going the extra mile for our clients is part of each ordinary day.

The name Fairport hails from distinct seas and an era gone by. Graeme Lord's great-grandfather was in command of the mighty sailing vessel that traveled the seven seas delivering goods from port to port.

His grandmother and her sister were raised aboard the vessel and have told tales of rounding Cape Horn only to encounter weather that required them to cut the masts down.

In his great grandmother's words:
"The seas were running mountains high and it looked as if we might be enveloped at any minute."

Fairport is rich in history. Now, it is Graeme's turn to take command of Fairport.

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