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ABS - Mullion - Compact life jacket recall August 01 2012

Subject: Mullion - Compact life  jacket  recall

Technical Manager/Superintendent,

This letter is to inform you of the issuance of a recall by the lifejacket manufacturer Mullion of their COMPACT 150N ISO 124021ifejacket,  which may be provided on board vessel(s) that you own or operate.

The manufacturer has reported that a problem may occur during the inflation of some of the COMPACT 150N ISO 12402 lifejackets that were sold since 01 December 2011 if they have a yellow valve in the oral tube.   Please note that COMPACT lifejackets having a red valve in the oral tube are not affected and are not subject to this recall.

A copy of the Mullion recall notice is attached for your ready reference.

Very truly yours,

Lenny Pendexter,

Senior Vice President


I Chief Surveyor

American Bureau of Shipping Attachment: Mullion Recall Notice Cc: Assistant Chief Surveyors

CC: Country Managers