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The Cayman Maritime's Yachtmaster's Handbook August 16 2013

From Cayman Maritime's Yachtmaster's Handbook (attached)

December 2012




This handbook is designed for all Masters and senior officers of Cayman Islands registered Commercial Yachts i.e. Large Yacht Code Compliant Yachts. However, Passenger Yachts built to the Code of Practice for Yachts carrying 13 to 36 passengers (The Passenger Yacht Code) should refer to the Shipmaster’s Guide published by the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR) rather than this Guide as the requirements for these vessels are different to those for other yachts covered by this Guide.

Please read this document as it should answer most of your questions regarding Cayman Islands Merchant Shipping Laws and Regulations and the administrative processes required in running a Cayman Islands Commercial Yacht. These may differ from the procedures that you are familiar with in yachts of other flags and this guide attempts to provide simple guidance on the key areas. However, it should be noted that this document contains advice and Masters and Owners should always be aware that the onus is on them to comply with the requirements of the Conventions, Cayman Islands legislation and any local legislation in the areas you are operating (for example the United States, European Union).

It should be noted that the information in this document is not sufficient to pass the Cayman Islands Laws and Procedures (LAP) Exam. You should refer to the separately published LAP Manual and Questions and Answers Document for all of the guidance and information required to pass the Exam.

Masters and senior officers serving, or having served, on Cayman Islands yachts are invited and encouraged to participate in the continuous development of the Manual by submitting appropriate comments and suggestions to the CISR. As the day to day practitioners we view serving Masters and senior officers as a vital barometer in assessing the effectiveness of the Yachtmaster’s Guide. Please forward all such comments and suggestions to the CISR via email

Further information, including Shipping Notices and advice, can be obtained by accessing the CISR’s web site at:


Please note that this guide covers the requirements prior to the implementation of the Maritime Labour Convention in August 2013, however, it is envisaged that a revision will be posted just before the Convention enters into force.