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Paris MoU PSC56 January 24 2013

Paris MoU PSC56

On the 1st of July this year the Paris MoU issued PSC56.(

Port State Circular 56 (PSC56) from the Paris Memorandum of Understanding (Paris MoU) gives guidance to Port State Control (PSC) Inspectors as to the eligibility of large pleasure yachts for inspection or not. PSC Inspectors are being advised that, rather than referring to the ‘Type of Ship’, as declared on the Certificate of Class, they should establish eligibility of a yacht for inspection by the presence of an ILLC on board instead.

PSC56 affects large pleasure yachts which currently elect to maintain voluntary compliance within the Large Yacht Code (LYC). Effectively, the definition of 'pleasure yacht' has been modified. The choice is to maintain both voluntary compliance and accept that PSC will inspect, or cancel the ILLC and go the ‘full’ private route.

If an ILLC is cancelled and a vessel goes into 'private' certificate of class status, then all other statutory certificates issued by class will also be cancelled, with the exception of MARPOL and the Certificate of Class. Compliance under the LYC is also lost. This means that instead of being on an annual basis the interval between surveys would be every two and a half years.

The concern is that if, as a result of being inconvenienced, owners elect to go down the ‘full’ private route then the unintended consequence of PSC56 would be detrimental to the safety of the large yacht fleet.

Yacht-centric Flag administrations are both voicing concerns to the Paris MoU and looking for solutions that allow voluntary compliance to continue without Port State inspection.

If you are Master of a Large Pleasure Yacht and find yourself boarded by PSC Inspectors, the key phrase is 'This is a Pleasure Yacht not engaged in trade'.