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Darla Skaf - Board of Director MICF August 30 2012

Fairport Yacht Support is very proud to announce that Darla Skaf, our Yacht Accounts Manager has been invited to sit on the board of Directors of the Marine Industry Cares Foundation for the 2013/2014 term.  

The yachting community, in which many of us live, is very important to each of us for perhaps many different reasons. 

Differences aside, we have all come together each spring to raise money to benefit the welfare of the children in our shore side community, Fort Lauderdale.  Kids in Distress and The Children’s Diagnostic Treatment Center have both benefitted directly from the largess of this kinship. 

The team at Fairport Yacht Support has been involved in this effort since the inception of the annual Spin-A-Thon in 2009 and has raised more than $15,000 over the past four years. 

The Marine Industry Cares Foundation is the catalyst for all of this and next year, look forward to adding additional fundraising events to the calendar to bring all of our communities together in myriad ways. 

Fairport Yacht Support is very pleased to be a part of this ongoing effort and very proud of Darla’s posting to the board of the MICF.  She will be an amazing asset to this organization, as she is to ours. 

Congratulations, Darla!